Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Stubborn & Human Ignorance

Cats are known for being in some cases really stubborn and so do humans. So quite often the case is of who is being more stubborn, the cat or the human?

I bet the answer in most cases will be 'my cat of course' as you will normally give to her demands more easily, being more cute and having a slight edge over the partner.

This could be of course anything from getting up at insane early hours to feed her because her meowing would have you worrying at first that something is wrong with him/her and then when you are up there is no real reason then not to feed him/her; to let her have your favourite chair or spot on the sofa because she is looking at you expectantly with these big but very cute eyes and because she looks really cute when she is begging, etc.

The fact that in 9 out of 10 cases you will give in to your cat's demands but not that often in your partner's (unless he is really ill...) because you think that your cat deserves the attention she wants while your partner doesn't (besides he has hands and can make his own cup of tea/coffee...).

It is true, today we are more tolerant towards our pets than we are towards our partners, other relatives, friends and in some cases even children and it is really difficult to explain why. There have quite a few attempts to explain our extreme tolerance and devotion towards our pets starting from similarities to human babies and therefore based on natural parental instincts, to healthy and psychological benefits that they can offer in exchange as well as the social role that they play today, taking up social roles that today humans can't fill up anymore as the society keeps changing not always for the better, etc.

The truth is that we don't really know or can explain with certainty; for some humans, pets have a different and more important meaning than others and each and every one of us has his/her own reasons for living with and looking after pets. But whatever these reasons might be, it is very important to always remember that they are not humans, they shouldn't be treated like small people while at the same time that they still have their own rights as they have now establish their role in our society and they deserve to be treated as equal to humans - at least when it comes to respecting their rights to live without mental and physical suffering.

On the other hand as I have said so many times it is important for cat carers to realise that they need to look after their cats properly, not only provided them with just food and sleeping accommodation but also to take responsibility for their behaviour outside their homes. It is not fair when cats are named as 'killing machines' and they are published as such on TV and media because some cat carers can't look after their cats properly!

As each responsible parent would like to know what their child is up to when it is outside the same it should apply for our cat's behaviour not only for her/his own safety but for the safety for other pets and animals in the area. Cat carers who simply let their cats roam outside 24 hours a day and they don't care or know when they are and they only start worrying after they have not seen their cat for days are not responsible enough and they shouldn't allowed to keep pets.
Humans who decide to adopt a cat or a dog or any other pet they should always keep in mind that they will have to look after them for life and to make sure that they will train them to behave accordingly outside as well as inside their homes. Before the decision is made to whether they really want to adopt a pet they need to think long and hard whether they will be able to look after them and offer the care and attention they will need for their rest of their lives and whether they will be able to look after them when new members might join the family (partners, babies, etc) and whether they would be able to take responsibility for their pet's actions. Pets are not toys but living creatures who will need a lot of attention and care for a long time. It is not fair one the pet when a pet carer after 10 years or more living with that pet decides that he/she can't keep that pet anymore because he/she now has a baby or a new partner who doesn't like cats or dogs. You wouldn't consider giving your child for adoption if your got a new pet? Then why should it be the either way round? Pets are members of the family and they should always treated as such.

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