Monday, 4 January 2010

New Year's Thoughts

Time to get some well deserved attention from sleeping humat!!

As we are now well into New Year and new decade for that matter and things are going back to normal very slowly that is (humats, being humats they haven't removed Catmas decorations and tree yet...they keep say that it is not time yet....well I don't know what they mean as the poor tree is dying indoors and needs to be outside and to also stop all these pine needles falling on the carpet and then ending up on my own fur and then humats will moan again that my fur is all messy and needs brushing...grrr...getting annoyed's all the humats fault anyway for bringing the damn thing indoors in the first place...trees should be stay outside in their natural environment!!!)

Anyway since it is a new year and a new beginning (according to silly in my opinion humat tradition) it's about time to make some new decisions and to decide how to improve this new year.

Of course having to put on that horrible anti-flea stuff on me it's not a great start to the year...I mean how I've ended up with those little critters...I don't go outside to be exposed to other creatures. I think it is the humats' fault in the first place, they brought them home on purpose...part of their cunning plan to groom me once again...I can see very clearly now what they are trying to do and is not working...I will go into hide and will only come out when they are asleep...Oh hmm! This might not actually work as I will need to come out more often for food and stuff...Damn my cunning plan is not going to work...Perhaps if they use all the stuff on the other two they won't have enough left for me...If I also play it very cute...maybe they will feel sorry for me and they won't put that stuff on me...What a start for the new year...apparently the last time that we needed that flea stuff was back in March...It is scary how the humat can find out that we have fleas when we don't really scratch that much to cause suspicion...I think humat might know us a bit too well...maybe she is not humat after all...I always thought that she was part cat too!

Anyway back to my resolutions (as humats called it) for this new year...well I don't really think that I have any bad habits anyway but nevertheless I will try to eat a bit less to please humat (of course that applies to only when she is watching...when she is preoccupied....well that is a different matter...if I'm hungry and there is food...there is nothing I can do....I'm a cat after all!). What else I should do for the new year...Oh yes I will demand more attention...I've already started being more demanding...I tend to jump on the bed early in the morning and making certain that both humats are awake (if not I will scratch exposed skin or put tail on face to tickle) so they give me enough attention before they get up...After all humat said that I had being a very good kitty all previous year and therefore I think I fully deserve a bit more attention this year! Meooow!


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