Thursday, 14 January 2010

After the snow...eventually melted

Waiting for spring to arrive!

It has being a while since I've written anything on this blog but I blame the weather for this lack of see when it is cold I get a bit too lazy and my paws feel a bit too stiff for typing...besides humat was a bit busier than usual and as a result I couldn't use the laptop to write...yes I know excuses...but still..good ones!

Anyway back to the snow...this was the first time that I saw so much snow in a day and snow that refused to melt for days and days...whoaaa...I'm so glad that I don't really live in a country where people and kitties get snowed in for days upon days or even months! Everything was white and very very cold...All birdies outside looked so fluffed and cold and hungry that I felt really really sorry for them and I wanted to bring them in but of course that wouldn't have being possible and I would have probably being misunderstood for my actions being a kitty, as we, kitties, supposedly hunt and catch birdies (although in reality I'm a more fishy kitty... I like my tuna more than my chicken flavoured sachet). At least my humats were very understanding and they were leaving a lot of food for the poor and cold birdies and as result we had many visiting our garden some that I had never seen before which it was nice and fun as I was trying to spot new ones.

But the matter of truth is that although I'm covered in lots of fur and even have fur under my paws (the humats call it tuft) which makes me suitable for such weather (yeah right) I don't really like snow and cold everybody moans about it, it is very cold and apparently treacherous and dangerous for humats when they are going out...I most definitely prefer nice weather, sunny and warm days when I can sit by the window sill and snooze under the nice and hot sun...yeah most definitely I like warm I get bored with my humats complaining about the bad weather every single day and also being miserable and moody all the time...I really can't wait for the spring to arrive. Of course the worst part is when the weather gets too bad that humats can't go to shops to get my food and shops run out of cat food because they can't get supplies...I mean that is the worse case scenario for any's like living in a disaster zone like in these movies we see on TV and can shops run out of cat food? Unheard of! They should have known better and they should have prepared themselves for such emergencies...I can't go half a day without my favourite tuna flavour sachets...Thank goodness that the snow has melted and everything is back to normal again otherwise I don't know what I would have done if I couldn't get my tuna, no, snow is bad...when spring is coming again?

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