Tuesday, 26 January 2010

My cat duties

Working really hard....

Sometimes I really despair with my humat as she can be soooo unreasonable and out of touch with the reality...How on earth can she accuse me of being lazy when herself is as bad or even worse.

'You are neglecting your duties, Sheng Chi', she sayz....and she carries on...'you are not updating your blog as often as you used to...'.

Well she might have a little point here but there are a lot of reasons for not blogging often these days. You see she seems to forget that I spend a lot of time helping her with her work and study and that takes a lot of my time and patience at times...

I can hear you asking what do you actually do kitty? How can you actually help your humat? So I believe that this is the right time to answer all these questions and to make clear to those who are interested what my actual role of an assistant involves.

For starters I provide my humat with help and support, I'm always there for her when she needs me (and even when she doesn't) to purr and to allow her to cuddle me and pet me when she feels the need to alleviate her stress levels or when she needs to relax (this is a very important role, a role which all respectable kitties should be familiar with and they should always provide their humats with the necessary support...besides they do need us to help them cope with their own making but still stressful life).

Then it is my other also important role as an assistant; you see I'm helping her to find solutions to problems other humats have with their kitties....Yes do you believe it? How can anybody have problems with us? We are the perfect creatures for all the situations, we do not cause problems...how can we anyway, we are purrfect after all! And this is exactly the point that I'm trying to pass across to my humat when she has to advise other humats about their cat companions' behaviour. I'm trying to help and encourage her to think out of the box...it is not really the cat that is the problem but the humat that lives with her...humats often need to adapt to an environment where cats are living and often this transition can take some time or it doesn't go smoothly but as everybody knows, us, kitties we are patient creatures and we will allow our humats to take as long as it takes to adapt eventually to our way of life...

This is why my role as an assistant is really important, because I must help humat to help others so us kitties enjoy a happy environment with our humat servants...Meowws for now!

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