Monday, 1 November 2010

Humits can be sooo silly at times....or...there are not enough kitties to educate them!

What it's supposed to do again humit?
Sometimes the things I hear or see on humits TV thingi really make me angry and very's really so sad that there are a lot of humits who treat their kitties friends and all other non humit but friendly species out there with cruelty like they are not creatures with feelings and their own thoughts and perhaps different awareness of their world around them...You know something humits you aren't the only species which can do intelligent thinking...the rest of the natural world can too you know....and even, at least some species, solve some of the most difficult problems you huminity kind can't...But I don't want to mention today how ignorant and silly some humits really are but simply to point out at some cases in which a bit of knowledge and education could easily have saved some kitties' lives...I mean , come on humits, you can't really allow little kitties to roam in your streets where cars and probably other humits can easily harm see kitties are like your own little or 2 legged kitties, wherever you prefer, it's all the same...they don't know much about your real world and most importantly about the dangers out there...they have no sense of fear or danger when cars are passing...or some humits want to pick them up and take them away from their homes...they are not aware that not all humits are nice or kind to all creatures...some humits are really cruel and mean. Especially those kitties that they have left their mommy and brosses and sisses at a very early age and therefore they haven't yet learned everything there is to know about their world around them...there is their humits responsibility then to teach them about the world around them before they are allowed if they will be allowed to go outside on their own. A few months old kitten doesn't understand that you can't cross a humit road when there is car coming and if that car doesn't see the is sad news all way round...My humits thing that humit cities and busy villages are not places for kitties that have learned to trust humits or that they are used to an easy life indoors...especially when the kitties live close by to busy roads...As for me I like it indoors...I've never tried to ventured outside and when I put a paw or two outside I quickly went back inside again to my own and trusted home environment...really I don't want to go outside...I've got my humits who are serving me well, two other silly kitties which I keep for bullying and lots lots of toys, good views to the birdies outside to the garden...and even better snoozing places...don't need anything else...really...purrrs for now!

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