Friday, 15 October 2010

Humans and their toys choices....

Human bad choice of toys...not moving!

I know humits try their best to keep us happy and entertained along with making sure of course that we are healthy and well fed...(food? I shouldn't have mentioned I feel peckish again...maybe I should go and check if humit has gone to the, no it can wait till I finish...not that hungry...I think..did humit said ham?).
Anyway away from nice ham thoughts, unfortunately when it comes to humits deciding and getting toys that they think will entertain us, their choices can be so bad...really really bad. I mean they do buy things that they believe they will amuse us and entertains without actually putting any real thought, without thinking of what we kitties really like...They think they know us too well, which it might be true when it comes to feeding and providing nice cosy areas for snoozing but when it comes to entertainment area they are acting like they have no clue whatsoever...Toys that they don't move, no matter how nice they smell they are definitely not the best thing to get. I mean when humit buys a fluffy toy looking similar to a mousie which supposedly has some catnip on it (humits trust me here when I'm telling you that really there is no trace of catnip on that mousie shaped thingi you got us, you've being tricked by another having no clue humit....) and then places it in front of you..humit expects some form of great reaction from you. He/she expects you to get animated and to act all excited like they got you are a real mousie...well it ain't gonna happen...if they want us to get excited then they should get us a real mousie that actually moves and we can catch it with it...(this is why they shouldn't get upset when kitties that go outside bring real mousies to their homes...they want something to play with when see, he, he!).
I mean why a kitty should show interest in something made from plastic that it doesn't move or smells like a real mousie or birdie...All humits gadgets are doing something...why our toys should not be the same...As for the toys that they are hanging from a string...again the same principle applies here...they don't smell anything like the real thing or humits can make them move like a real prey...instead they should put a real mousie or birdie on a string and then let us try to catch it...that would be more fun...good entertainment, I sayz.
Those humits, I despair!...Sometimes they can be so clueless despite all our efforts to educate them...nevertheless they do provide a service when it comes to feeding times and cleaning litter tray...if only they could be trained to provide us with the right entertainment....
Oh my humit is back with a new toy...I wonder...Oh I like that brand new box...perfect size for me!

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