Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Being the alpha cat in the house...

Just holding the stairs for you humit you can come downstairs now...it's safe!  

Sometimes it seems that I'm being accused for no apparent reason, simply for just is expected from me in the first place...for example I often find myself being accused by my humits of all peoplez of bullying the other two...shhish kitties who share the same environment as me and who eat most of the food that either way would have come my way anyway...shishh...pests I say!
Of course this is not true...I do not really bully anybody...kitties or humits...I'm simply looking after them, whether they like it or not! You see everybody needs somebody to look after them... for example to check anything new that comes into our home and to make certain that there are no threats involved, funny smells and flavours that is...You see humits are not really good at looking themselves properly...They tend bring home new things without a lot of thought or without properly checking them, they even allow strange other humits coming inside without actually thinking whether it is a good idea or not....and even worse they even let those other two to do whatever they want with no restrictions whatsoever, to eat a lot of my food and to use my litter boxes! Disgraceful...it is a miracle that humits in general can manage survive on their own in the wild...I guess this is why we are so important to them because they really needs us...Humits you see, need some control in their lives and this is why I'm so important and useful to them... because I tend to keep everything in order and humits in control...You see they need me to remind them when in the morning they need to get up...as they don't ever listen to their own alarm as they usually turn it off and go back to sleep...while I'm there to meow constantly till they get up...they also need to be reminded when to clean my litter boxes...again I need to meow after I've used it so they can clean it properly...to my own purrsonal standards. They also need to be reminded when it is time to feed me...so I'm always around when they are in the kitchen so they won't forget to feed me...three times a day isn't a good or practical idea for pussykitties like me who needs more frequent refilling of their food bowl than other kitties...especially those two that eat my food in my home. Of course they also need to be reminded when they have to entertain me...any time in the day or night when I'm bored and of course it is important that they do keep me entertained even if they are appear to be busy...they usually aren't...they just think they are...
So you see they really need me to be around and in charge of everything in the house, even to taste at sometimes what they eat so to make sure that they are not eating anything that they aren't supposed to...Being the alpha purrson in their day to day lives it is important especially for humits who otherwise wouldn't have being able to function properly...like my own and yours I'm sure!

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