Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Tuesdays thoughts!

Sleepy kitty wants reassurance from her humat!

I haven't blogged for a while because my humat has being busy and she won't allow anybody else to use the laptop and also because it seems that I'm suffering from blogger's block...and currently I tend to procrastinate a lot...But I thought I type down a few words to express my purrsonally opinion on a purrticular matter...You see my humat advises other humats (as you probably already know) on how to modify their kitties behaviours, behaviours which they think are not proper and which they need to modify (of course the issue that arises here is what behaviours they think that they are not normal for a kitty in her environment and most importantly what do they know about cat behaviour because they are not cats after all...I must stop now because I'm starting getting annoyed...). One of the 'problems' that humats often ask for advice is when us kitties are meowing (usually at night of course) for attention. My humat and despite the fact that she says that she knows and understands us kitties well, advises them that in such situations we need to be ignored if we are not meowing because we are not feeling well. She saiz that if humats ignore us eventually we stop because we will figure out that we are not getting what we want....I sayz, NO, NO, NO! You humats, can't ignore us when we meow because we wantz you to come and check on us, to talk to us and reassure us that everything is OK with the world. This is why you are here humats to serve us and to look after us, you can't ignore us...I mean that would be disastrous...I can't think of a worse case scenario of being not reassured after I have woken up from one of my occasional nightmares or not being acknowledged from my humat, when I meow to her and him so they can play with me and give me attention....no, no no humats do not ignore us...pleazeeee....purrs, purrs, purrs!!

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