Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Photos and hiding places

Oh humat can't be asked to pose right now!

What is with humats and taking photos...you can't find peace and quiet...especially when they've got a new gadget which also happens to takes photos. My humat every-time she gets a new phone-camera or any other gadget with a camera included she won't stop taking photos of me for days, she will hunt me everywhere...well it is nice to be appreciated of course and especially by your own  humats who serve you but in truth I'd rather prefer if she could show her appreciation of my uniqueness and prettiness with a nice tasty treat instead! It is not just that she takes a lots of photos, and not all of them are presenting me as pretty as I really am, but she has also to find me even when I don't want to be found...a snoozing pussykitty isn't always at her best to at least an humat audience...At least if she was offering a little treat every time she takes a photo I might change my opinion a bit...I know I'm pretty and my admirers want to see me as I really am but let's not overdo it...you wouldn't like it humat if I was following you everywhere with a camera would you now? Meoowwws!

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