Friday, 26 February 2010

Being rather lazy recently....

Not snoozing and eating all day...I do a lot of reading too!

Today I thought that I should write something as recently I must admit I have being a bit lazy...I mean only when it comes to updating my blog's not that there are not things to write about...oh yeah there are plenty...a kitty's daily life is never boring despite general humit belief that we don't do much else than eat (a lot), groom (a lot) and snooze (a lot)....well not really, this is just a myth that you humits created and have sustained about us.

Yes I do like see you can't really say no to tuna and salmon treats but as I said before we eat less than humits and even dogs do..., yes we do groom a lot but this is only because we like to be clean and smell nice (and we do smell better than some humits and definitely a lot better than those silly dogs who they actually smell bad). Snoozing also is very important for us kitties so we can save energy for hunting and the possibility that we might need to escape from other predators (some silly dog perhaps...) and also and more importantly we don't snooze as much as humits think as we take more power naps than deep snooze and power naps are good for you anyway as humits keep saying.

But again humits seem to forget that we do other things too...for example we are most of the times there waiting for our humits when they come home feeling miserable and stressed so we can cheer them and help them feel a lot better...what else is better than seeing a cute furry face who looks so pleased to see you back (of course the fact that we are going to get fed as well it's totally irrelevant here...we are talking about the emotional support that we do offer in such occasions to the humits and not trying to look any deeper to the matter...end of story!). Do not forget that we also help you to relax and have some fun when we allow you to interact with us and entertain us by allowing you to play with us with those silly toys that you humits insist on buying for us and also that we always there to hear all your rumblings and moaning about other humits who don't seem to understand you or listen to you, etc, without ever complaining and always appearing to be really interested (although your discussions and monologues are often really boring and meaningless but of course you will never hear a kitty saying into her humit's face that she needs to get a life and stop moaning about how unfair life is...because that's life, unfair and cruel...get over it). Finally, for the time being, and most importantly we allow you to touch us to help you feel better, to pick us up and treat us like helpless humit babies and we even in some occasions we will touch you as well on our own accord just to make you feel better and to show you that we care....So as you see humits we do a lot more than just eat, groom and snooze and we don't even get paid for all our efforts (let's not forget here that we often bring home food for you too...) meoww!

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