Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Messy humans!

When humans will learn that us pussykitties don't like mess and CHANGES! We like things the way they don't try to change things...I like my boxes under the bed and I like them in the right order they were till now. But no, no humans will have to come and mess up things and mix boxes and not put them back the right way as they were before...Their excuse? They were looking for some type of bottle which has gone missing since moving and must be in some of the boxes that they were never opened and checked because of lack of room and need for them....pheww! Lame excuse meeeoww thinks. And of course the worst thing of all is that they won't let me help them with their search. Life it would have being much easier if they could simply let me go inside the boxes and allow me to search for meeeowself. No, No not allowed inside, they say, because I'll mess things....yeah right! Flash news humans, you have messed up things already. I could only have helped you to put things right for a little tuna treat!
But humans are stubborn and they think they know better...Whatever next? Relocating my litter trays? NOOOO! Out of the question meeeoww kitten thinks!

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