Monday, 28 January 2008

January 28st – Separation anxiety for cats and their humans.

Often the problem of separation anxiety appears prominent in some relationships of cats with their human but the problem in some other cases becomes even worse when the humans are the ones that they actually are suffering from separation anxiety, when they are away from their pets even more, even if it is only for a few hours and such choices or decisions such as going on holiday and being away from home and their cat become impossible to become ever reality...
When the cats are suffering from separation anxiety the advice that it is often given is simply to allow the cat to spend less time with their human and more on their own by being provided with alternatives such as play activities and toys, encouraged to keep some distance occasionally and even in some cases by getting another companion and generally try to wean to cat from the constant human company. But unfortunately in some cases it becomes more and more difficult to treat such an anxiety particularly when the cats' human(s) is at home all the time and that human is extremely attached to the cat and treats her/him like a surrogate child, being overprotective and pampering the cat at all times. People who spend a lot of time indoors with few social relationships with other people and who are depending on their pets for company and emotional solace are in need of advice and perhaps help as much as they are their pets. In such cases you need to treat the human's before you try to treat the cat's anxiety as it is also possible that this human separation anxiety will then pass easily to the cat as every other emotional imbalance when the humans and the pets in the household are very closed.
So by running to find out what is wrong any time the cat makes a noise not only will make the cat very spoilt and demanding as she will as a result learn how to get what she wants when she wants it but also will quite possibly lead to also physical along with psychological problems as any possible disturbance in that environment will end up be disastrous for human and cat e.g the human needs to spend some time away from the cat).
Cats are by nature independent creatures and they need to be treated as such. They need to have their own space and to be occasionally left alone even when they live permanently indoors and to also have a routine and discipline if they are to stay emotionally and psychologically healthy and that applies to their humans too, they too need to keep some distance from their pets and to remind themselves occasionally that they live with a cat and not with a small human.

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