Wednesday, 16 January 2008

January 16th – I am a Cat!!

It is a very common human tendency to see human attributes (to anthropomorphise) in our pets and to treat them as little 'humans'. But cats are extremely intelligent creatures as their humans will tell you and they can easily learn behaviours from us which sometimes will surprise us, make us wonder and even in some cases will annoy us!
It is well known that cats can be really stubborn, or very persistent and in some cases their persistence will even surpass ours...A good example is when they want something and have learned how to go about getting it... In most cases we will simply give in, with no much fuss as we can' be asked or bothered or we can't bear the thought of our cat seemingly being unhappy by not getting what she wants, food, attention, play time, etc. But then again there will be other occasions when we have to say no and try to ignore them as what they want they simply can't get and can't give them and this can be the hardest bit as they will keep on begging by either meowing, staring and generally using any method they can think of till eventually get what they want.
A good example in my case is Ripley's persistence to sit wherever I have sat before and in particular on my special spot in my sofa, the only one where I can sit comfortably and work on my laptop...but Ripley wants to sit there and she won't give in...She will just stand next to me while the rest of the sofa is empty and available and just stare at me with her big begging eyes (they look as begging to me anyway) for hours and she will refuse to move or sit to the empty and available place. Of course the moment I move from my spot and without actually have got up fully, Ripley will jump to the nearly empty seat and I'll have to be careful not to sit down again and squashed her.
Normally in such situations and other places I will give in and sit somewhere else but when I'm working I need to be in the right place, the right side of the sofa so I will have to push her gently away so I can sit down again with the whole process being repeated again and again, till finally I stop working and go downstairs leaving her to enjoy my own empty seat. But Ripley being Ripley and a cat the moment I leave the room she will decide that she doesn't want to be in that room as well and she will go to the bedroom and jump on the bed where she will stay till I come back again for the battle of the stubborn minds to begin once more!

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