Sunday, 10 July 2016

Sunday's confessions

Catnipped on Sunday

Well it's been already a week since my last post and I thought I'd made the effort again (don't want to be accused of being lazy you know...).
As I was saying in my previous post there has been a while since l've written anything on this blog and that was as I've explained before for many reasons (being a lazy fat cat is not one of them silly Ozzy, who at the moment is pretending he is asleep and not watching...yes you are not fooling anyone I can see those beady eyes starring at me....)
So and as I was saying many things had happened during my 'absence'  nothing too drastic though other than the move...There are still four of us, the two hoomins and of course some new fish apparently...really can't be asked to check myself...too high up for my like as these days I don't do anything too strenuous and high other than jumping on my sofa...too much effort, especially and since homin decided to keep my food and biscuits in the corridor and not to to have them in my room like it was on the other place...something about making too much mess! Anyway at least I've got new catnip rug as you can see from the photo...which is very soft and purrfect and which rug I don't like sharing with the others and especially with the pestsquito Ozzy...

Pestsquito Ozzy snoozing....not cute
Yes 'pestsquito' is his current nickname as he tends to make some strange brrr noises instead of normal meowing and hoomins think that he sounds like a mosquito and because sometimes he can be a pest (even hoomins admit it that sometimes he is a bit too playful) he's got the new nickname pestsquito...ha ha he deserves it...Like right now he is on the catnip rug again...go away shooooo pestquito, it's my rug not yours because it's in my room and I don't want to share....what a pest he is...always appearing when you don't really want him, grrr...

Anyway I've spent too much time on Ozzy again and now it's almost dinner time so I'd stop for now and catch up again hopefully next Sunday...go away Ozzy it's not your's mine, all mine....pfft!

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