Saturday, 22 February 2014

Finally the mystery has being solved (at least hoomin thinks so!)

    It’s being a while since I’ve posted anything and now we are already in 2014! But you know how things are sometimes… a kitty like me can get really busy especially when she has hoomins and other kitties to manage! Yeap I’m a very busy kitty and sometimes don’t have the time for all the things I want to do as you understand of course that snoozing and eating always takes priority in a kitty’s daily life!
 But since today I seem to have a bit more extra time I’ve decided therefore to post something and since my hoomin seems to be also so annoyingly pleased with herself. You see she believes that she has finally solved this big mystery, which in my opinion it has never being a mystery anyway.
So for the past couple of days she keeps telling over and over and over again that she finally knows the answer to the big question of what cats are doing when hoomins are not at home (they are at that place which they call ‘work’)! Apparently the other day when she came home after being at work for most of the day (around 9 hours really too long for a pussycat to be without her hoomins and the services they provide, mainly regular food) she found Choo Choo (who is really lazy and sleeps a lot even for an old lazy cat) sleeping on the exact and very same spot she had left him in the morning… big deal!
When my hoomin came back and went into the bedroom Choo he simply looked at her, still very sleepy and not too much bothered, and he went back to sleep again to finally wake up a little later to hassle her to feed him, acting of course like he hadn't be fed for days (to make things clear here I don’t bother hoomin so she can feed me as we have a clear understanding of when she needs to feed me and how much…so she doesn’t need to be reminded)! 

Afterwards she told to the other hoomin: ‘Not that I had any doubt of course that my cats spend most of their time when I am not at home sleeping but at least now I have proof too,  I have seen it with my own eyes!’

Really hoomin and all the other hoomins out there you didn’t know that when you are not around to give us attention and food we’ll sleep till you finally come home again and save our energy for when you are at home?

Well if this is the case then you should stop once and for all consider yourselves to be an intelligent species because everybody else including the birdies outside already knew this facto of life!

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