Wednesday, 11 June 2008

11th June – My!!

As a cat behaviourist I'm in generally rather proud for my own cats behaviour as I have managed to train them to behave in an acceptable for their home environment way but at the same time in accordance of course of their natural instincts and behaviour as cats. As a result I have encountered personally very few behavioural problems, only once to be exact and this small problem that I have to deal with was from the ex-stray cat we decided to adopt who had some health issues before and who used displacement behaviour to alleviate the discomfort he was feeling. As a result of this 'good' and acceptable behaviour that all my three cats are showing I often use them as a good example when I advise on cat behavioural issues.
But of course there is always the issue with the neighbouring cats and in particular one that lives near by and who after she lost her sister seems to have shown a preference for my house than her own and a rather serious attachment to me and my partner. As a good neighbour and caring cat carer I have given free advice to the people that they are looking after the cat but of course I do not know whether they have taken it into account or whether they believe that they know better and that I'm a noisy neighbour who should mind her own business... Wherever the case I know for certain that their cat spends hours outside our front door, enjoying the little treats I give her because she is extremely skinny for her size and age and she seems to prefer to follow me than her human carer when she is being asked to make a choice.
Since I've always being the kind of person that children and animals seem to like I understand the cat's choices and the fact that she has overcome her timid personality when it comes to dealing with my own and my partner's attentions and behaviour but at the same time I feel a bit confused when it comes to my own planning attentions. Should I play again the role of the interfering and noisy neighbour and talk to the cat's carers about their cat and offer once again some advice and hoping that this time they will pay some attention or should I just come straight to the point and suggest to take care of the cat permanently myself if they are not so keen on looking after her themselves or simply should I just carry on feeding and giving her attention like before?
Sometimes people think that they are doing what they believe it is best for their pets and some other times they simply don't care and it is difficult to know in which situation you currently are without hurting feelings or offending people that they are friendly and social in their own way! Unfortunately it is really difficult when you care about the world and creatures around you to play it neutral and not to take a stand....

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